Highly Impacted Communities Incentives

Multiple Houses Energy Saving

Important Home Energy Savings program changes:

Pacific Power made changes to the Wattsmart Home Energy Savings program in Washington, effective January 1, 2023. These changes are intended to increase energy savings and engage more customers residing in Highly Impacted Communities.

For an in-depth look at these changes, view a summary of changes and incentive tables with marked changes. If you have questions, call toll free 1-855-805-7231 or email us.

Incentives for multifamily

Multiple Houses Energy Saving

An energy-efficient road map for multifamily properties

Investing in efficiency is a smart move that boosts both the value and the appeal of your property. It all starts with cash incentives for qualifying high-efficiency improvements. These incentives help cover the upfront costs of your investment while setting you up for even greater savings down the road. That’s a win for you and your tenants as they get to experience the benefits of superior efficiency and comfort.

Multifamily properties are eligible for many other incentives in addition to those listed below. Visit the Find Savings page to learn more about qualified products, services and how to apply.


Enhanced Incentives for Highly Impacted Communities

Clothes Washer in Modern Home

Ductless heat pumps for highly impacted communities

Get $2,000 cashback


Outdoor Heat Pumps

Heat pump conversions for highly impacted communities

Get up to $3,500 cashback.